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Motilal Sompura Temple Architechture

The company specialize in designing, manufacturing and installing parts of complete large scale temples and monuments.

As great men think alike, whether contemporary or not, Treatise on sculpture and Architecture has been written or at least inscribed on Earth in the form of creations, mostly by those actually practising therein, across the world, whether in Greece or Rome, Babylonia or Egypt and so in India or Iran. It basically inducts theory and practice in Architecture based on building of palaces, edifices, Collosium, Pyramids, Halls, Minarets and Columns or so on and so forth. So in this field, the school of thought emerges from practice, at the instance of great practitioners.

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Our Recent Projects

Jain Temple, Dantiwara

Inspired by shri somsundar surishwarji shri dantiwara Jain trust is building this temple. Using bassi pahadpur stone, the work is in progress from last 12 months.

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Sundha Darshan

this temple is 85 k.m. for from jalore and famous as vaishno Devi of Rajasthan. Work was started in 1971 by Sundha trust. It is a holy place.

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Shree Rani Bhatiyani

the work of matarani temple was started in 1997 it is beautiful sculptured like delwara temple. Rani Rupade temple, rawal malji temple, etc.

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Shri Bhatiji

This project is started in 2008, the design & plan of this project is among the best.

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Bagra Temple

it is a very beautiful temple of baba ramdev ji radhe Krishna temple, ram lax man janki temple; hanuman temple and shiv temple are also built in this project the project is completed with makrana stone.

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Himachal Kakira

this temple is built in Kerkira goon situated in chamba district of himachal Pradesh. With the inspiration of shri mahamandleswar raj rajeshwar an and bhatiji, the temple is built with makrana stone, radhe Krishna temple etc.

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Ambeshwariji Guru

this temple is penance place of swami rajrajeshwar bhatiji. The pratishtha of guru temple is done in 2009.

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MotiPawad Guru Mandir

This temple is being built at birth place of acharya somechandra surishwarji. The shilanyas is done in 2007 it is famous as somchintamani tirtha.

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Nimaaj Jain Temple

This project was started in 1999 and completed in just 13 months. Pratishtha was done in 2001 by acharya kalapurna surishwarji.

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Bakra Road Mandir

Shri tirthendra suri smarak, parshwanath Jain temple and guru temple are built here.

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